I work out of state and travel frequently, it is always good to be able to come to SJTB and find home and music to my liking. You make my Sunday mornings much more bearable after a  grueling week. - Frank Anderson

This wonderful online station is performing a big service for those who still miss unwinding to long-gone stations like New York's CD101.9 and Philadelphia's WJJZ at the end of a long, hard day. -  Bonnie Walling

You know this music radio station?.... Is amazing! Lol.... *-*.... I love so much Smoothjazztampabay! Hugs from Argentina... - Rosy Ghazoul

Here in Switzerland it's grey but with smoothjazztampabay the sun is always shining! - Andreas Svarc

Smoothjazztampabay.com plays the best Smooth Jazz I have ever heard. Better than any terrestrial, satellite or streaming station.  - Kevin Elwood

What a pleasure to listen to your radio station, it's fantastic!! I'm always listening to you from Algeirs! Thanks! - Salim Aitcheikh 

I'm from Latvia and listen to you every day! My children love this channel too. Thanks for the greatest radio-station ever!!! - Svetlana Nerlo

Thanks so much for being the BEST INTERNET RADIO STATION ON PLANET EARTH! You are the greatest! - Jack Kester

You've landed at one of the most listened to Smooth Jazz stations in the world!  Hover over the now playing image, then click the play button - smoothjazztampabay.com

If I ever need to get away, I always go to Smooth Jazz Tampa Bay and I'm there! - Joanna Anastasopoulos Stylianou

I listen all the time to Smooth Jazz Tampa Bay! Love everything you play. From the curly girl in Aledo, Texas! - Julia Ewalt Reddout

Love the station. I listen everyday at work. - Jim Sereney

My son (11) and I listen to your station every night before going to bed, LOVE! - Danielle Shelton-McRae

Streaming all the way from Cambridge in the UK! Favourite radio station in the world! You guys rock!  - Cate Munro

Coming Spring 2015 – Tampa Bay’s Best Deals!

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Super deals from the finest local merchants…

Featured Smooth Events

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