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Boost website traffic and sales

With banner ads, you can put your message in front of future customers. Drive clicks to your website and generate sales from interested audiences.

Advertise new products & services

Do you have a new service or product to tell the world about? Banner ads can help you by giving you the freedom to say what you want, not only with text, but also photos and animation.

Build your brand

Your brand name is one of your most important assets. By building trust with your customers, they are more likely to purchase from you – not just once, but repeatedly. It’s more difficult if your website is new or your company is not widely known. Banner ads at allow you to get your website name and even our logo in front of your audience.

Find new customers

With search engine advertising, people have to know to look for your product or company name. But with banner ads, you can put your message right in front of them. Introduce yourself to new customers to win new business.

Easy and cost effective puts affordable banner advertising within reach of our customers. Supply your online banner or we can create one for your business (additional cost). Use your banner ad to promote a specific product or service, develop a special offer, or create a general ad.


Streaming Commercials offers hourly sponsorships to keep interruption to an absolute minimum.  Hourly sponsors during  6am – 6pm slot is $600 per month.  6pm-6am is $500 per month.  Prices quoted are 1 ad per day for 30 days.  All streaming ads are presented in an “hourly sponsorship” format similar to the public radio.  An example would be  “This smooth hour of music is presented by ‘your company’ and so on..”  There is a 90 day minimum commitment.  All ads are :30 seconds in length.

Radionomy / Target Spot  Ads

We will be offering streaming ads during the hour in the coming months. Join Major Brands like Wal-mart, Lowes, Advance Auto Parts, ABC TV, Geico and many more! You will receive the same discounted pricing they do! These ads are targeted anywhere and cost effective.  You will be able to set a budget and we will be able to give you the best value for the money.  Stay tuned.

There is also a trigger or “base ad” file which is heard in NON targeted areas and countries that are not on the Target Spot system. Basically they fill in the gaps. This is a rotated static ad that will be heard once every two hours & 360 times per month!  The beauty of this ad is the cost.  Your ad will be heard to a reduced audience size but if you sell locally and globally this may be for you!  We are never 100% sold and this is where these ads are so effective.. We only have 16 of these ads available.  Get yours for $500 a month that’s less than $1.40 per ad! (90 day minimum)

Banner Ad Rates

Our home page banner ads are high exposure reaching 1.6 million page views a month.  Above fold ads (top of the page, before scroll) are priced accordingly. We also offer home page slider ads and our full page smooth player as well. Pricing is available below and special packages which include “On Air” mentions require talking with us so we can meet your needs. We only accept PayPal for payment as they are the most widely used and the safest.  All ads need to be approved and we have some restrictions. No nudity or porn of any kind. Nothing offensive or hateful permitted. We also will not permit flashing or annoying ads.  We look forward to doing business with you.

Top Header Banner

728×90 above fold (rotated) $750 mo. Seen on every page.


Now Playing Banner

300 x 300 above fold (rotated) $750 mo.  90 day term.


Logo Slider

Bottom of home page. 200×200 (rotated) $99 mo. 90 day term.

placeholder_ logo_slider

Smooth News Article Ads

Above fold & not on home page. Appears in every news article sidebar.  300 x 300 $99 mo. 90 day term.


General Website Page Ads

Above fold & not on home page. Appears on every other page including the Contact Us page. (does not include Smooth News)  300 x 300 $99 mo. 90 day term.


Home Page slider

Our unique slider is completely animated and ads will be rotated in with content.  The custom ad is  $450 monthly plus $100 for custom design services. 90 day term. To see the slider in action visit our home page!


Exclusive Smooth Player

Our smooth player’s unique FULL PAGE design keeps listeners engaged and it’s beautiful as well. Ad designs MUST be approved and the player background ad is click-able! The possibilities are nearly endless. Ad rates for the smooth player start at $250 per month and the Smooth Player receives 4.5 million page views a month! 90 day term. Please use our contact form or call us at 941-799-7507  to arrange for your ad placement in the smooth player.  Check it out in action here!

Design Service

You can bring your own ad or we can design one for you.  Banner ad design is $100 and you are allowed ONE change before posting to the website. If you need an ad designed let us know.  Smooth player background ads are based on complexity and priced accordingly on a per case basis.

To purchase any ad spot please use our contact form or call us at 941-799-7507


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